Jon Fairhurst, 1998

My Music

Here you will find some of the music that I've written. I also give some clues about the tools that I used to create the "virtual performances".

Speaker Project

After a decade or so I finally finished my speaker project. They're based on a vintage JBL studio monitor, but include hand-carved wooden horns, a solid MDF box, and solid alder skin. And they sound great :-)

Abomination - The Movie

During December 2001 I made this movie with my kids. If you think that a day in the snow is innocent and fun, think again.

The Bunker Tapes

For New Years Eve 1999-2000 we invited our next door neighbors over and recorded ourselves commenting on the new Millennium. I set the voices to music and made a CD. This is the web version, complete with streaming and downloadable audio.

The Hurst Street Gang

On August 1st, 1998 my closest friends from high school got together during a private reunion. I was so energized by the experience that I created The Hurst Street Gang site.

Jon's Car Page

I was asked to post some photos of my Lotus, so I hacked this together. Enjoy!

Fairhurst Dot Com

I decided to get the domain name while it was still available. Besides giving my family and me cool e-mail addresses, I can pass it down to my kids. Heck all the domain names may be taken in fifty years!

©1999 - 2002 by Jon Fairhurst